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Step Inside Portugal is a company that provides online consulting and assistance with the fulfillment of the legal and tax obligations inherent to staying, residing and investing in Portugal. The fact that we only provide online assistance allows us to offer services at competitive prices. Although we do not have a physical office, we have staff present in the three major urban areas – Lisbon, Oporto and the Algarve – which allows us to provide support to our clients without charging additional fees. We are characterized by transparency and speedy assistance: you can find on our website information about our fees charged for each service and we are committed to answer you within 48 hours. We are always at a distance from an email, phone call or WhatsApp message.

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Step Inside Portugal is your legal and tax guide.Get in touch with us!

We provide a customised service

Being an online service provider allows us to provide our customers with more competitive and affordable fees, while ensuring high-quality and customised services.


Tax identification number

This number will be your tax identification number in Portugal. This number is mandatory for any legal act in Portugal Obtaining this number should be your first step before establishing your residence or stay in Portugal.

Tax representation

If you do not wish to be a tax resident in Portugal, but need to obtain a Portuguese tax number, you must register as a non-tax resident. If you are a tax resident in a country that does not belong to the European Union or to the European Economic Area, you are obliged to appoint a tax representative in Portugal.

Non-habitual tax resident

The regime for non-usual tax residents enables people to enjoy certain tax benefits for a period of 10 years. This regime is only available to persons who have registered as tax residents in Portugal, and who have not been considered as such in the last five years.

Personal income tax return

An individual tax resident in Portugal or non-tax resident, but who obtains income in Portugal, may be required to file an annual income tax return. This declaration must be submitted between 1 April and 30 June of the year following that in which the income was obtained.


A self-employee is liable to several tax reporting obligations both at the beginning of one’s activity and during its course. These obligations apply to all tax residents in Portugal even if they do not (exclusively) provide services for the Portuguese market.

Visas and residence permit

A person who is not a citizen of a country of the European Union, the European Economic Area (Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway), Andorra or Switzerland is required to apply for a visa and a residence permit in order to reside in Portugal.


Portuguese legislation allows the acquisition of Portuguese nationality in several situations, namely when one has been living in Portugal for more than 5 years. You should check which situation applies in your particular case as requirements, documents and procedures vary.

Driving License

In certain cases, one is not allowed to use one’s foreign driving licence in Portugal and thus, one is obliged to exchange it for a Portuguese driving licence. Even in situations where one may use a foreign driving licence, one is still obliged to notify the competent authorities.

Legalisation of vehicles

Vehicles with a foreign plate are not allowed to circulate in Portugal. The import process should be initiated as soon as the vehicle enters the Portuguese territory if one intends to drive with it in Portugal.

European Union Citizen Register

Citizens of a Member State of the European Union, the European Economic Area (Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway), Andorra or Switzerland who stay in Portugal for more than 3 months are required to register and obtain a European Union Citizen Certificate.

Tax resident certificate

This certificate proves to the authorities and/or entities of other countries that the person is a tax resident in Portugal. This certificate is issued for the purpose of applying double tax treaties.

Health Card

People living in Portugal have access to the Portuguese public health system. To do so, they must register with a Health Centre and obtain a health identification number.

Local accommodation

The local accommodation scheme applies to the temporary leasing of properties in Portugal. This regime requires the fulfilment of several legal and tax obligations.

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