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On this page, you will find information about the European Union Citizen Registration Certificate. Persons who are nationals of Member States of the European Union, the European Economic Area (Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway), Andorra and Switzerland do not need to obtain a permit to reside in Portugal. However, they are obliged to register in Portugal when they stay here for more than 3 months. At the end of five years, they need to apply for the permanent residence certificate (for more information see here).

Family members (spouse, children up to 21 years of age, children over 21 who prove to be dependents and relatives in the ascending line) of these persons, who are also citizens of the above-mentioned countries, may also apply for a European Union Citizen Registration Certificate. Family members who are not nationals of these countries should apply for a residence permit (for more information see here).

General considerations

The European Union Citizen’s Certificate is, as a general rule, requested within 30 days after the person is residing or staying in Portugal for a period exceeding 3 months. However, it is possible to obtain this certificate before completing the 3-month period.

This certificate is requested at the services of the City Hall of the area of residence of the person who wish to apply for. In certain cases, these competent services are located in Lojas do Cidadão.

As a general rule, it is compulsory for the person to request this certificate in person and it is not possible to grant powers to a third party to represent him/her in this register. However, certain City Halls allow this representation.

It should be noted that the procedure and the necessary documents vary from one City Hall to another, so it is advisable that before going to the competent service to confirm which documents are requested by that same service.

Additionally, due to the restrictions imposed by COVID-19, it is currently mandatory in certain Councils to request prior booking to obtain this certificate.

Documents and Charges

As stated above, the documents required for the application for a European Union Citizen’s Certificate may vary from City Hall to City Hall. However, below is a list of the documents that are generally required:

– Identification document;

– Tax identification numbers;

– Proof of address in Portugal (rental contract, public deed, etc.);

– Proof of sufficient financial means (bank statement).

It should be noted that certain City Halls require the presentation of a Certificate from the relevant Town Council (Junta de Freguesia) of the area of residence. To obtain this document it will be necessary to schedule an appointment at the Town Council (Junta de Freguesia) of your area of residence.

A fee of 15 Euros is due for the application to register as a European Union Citizen. The payment is made at the time of the application.

Our Fees

Fees are subject to VAT at the rate of 23% (due on the top of the fee amount). For more information on how to contract our services – here.


For the appointment at the City Hall and information about the documents you must submit

EUR 50


For the presential accompaniment to the City Hall (including information on the documents to be submitted)

from EUR 100. If the competent City Hall is outside the 3 major urban areas – Lisbon, Oporto or the Algarve – the value of our fees will be reviewed in accordance with the necessary deslocation.

Time required to complete

The European Union Citizen’s Certificate is obtained on the same day as you go to the City Hall. However, as mentioned, in some cases it is necessary to make an appointment in advance to request this Certificate.

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