Health Number

On this page you will find information about the Portuguese health card. Foreigners living in Portugal have the right to access the public health system. To do so, they must register with the relevant Health Centre in their area of residence and obtain their health identification number.

Health Number

The Health number is a person’s identification number for the Health Services in Portugal. If you go to a public health service in Portugal you should present this number.

Any foreign citizen with legal residence in Portugal can request a Health number to access the services of the public health care units of the National Health Service. Although it is required that the person has legal residence in Portugal, it is possible to request this number before the residence permit is obtained (for more information on residence permit – here).

As a general rule, this Health number is requested at the competent Health Centre in your area of residence. However, due to restrictions imposed by COVID-19, this Health number is now requested by email.
People with a Portuguese Citizen Card do not need to request a Health number because this number is indicated on their Citizen Card.

– Identification document (Citizen Card, passport, etc.);
– Portuguese fiscal number;
– Legal residence permit in Portuguese territory (or in case of pending issue, the proof of appointment in SEF or the proof of the request made) or Certificate of European Union Citizenship (for people with European Union nationality).

Currently, since the application for the health card number is made online, it is taking a few months to issue the number. However, the period of delay depends on the competent entity in the area of residence of the person who is applying for the number.

There is no charge (unless you require our assistance, in which case the cost is our fee as indicated above).

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