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Tax Consultation

One of the main services we provide to our Clients is tax advice. We analyse the Client’s situation and inform the Client of the tax implications of their specific situation, namely, the implications arising from their change of residence to Portugal, those arising from their sources of income (both national and foreign) and those arising from investments made both in Portugal and abroad. In this Tax Consultation we also explain to the Client in greater detail which reporting obligations he/she will have to comply with and the processes he/she will have to follow as a result of moving to Portugal. This consultation will be carried out in the format of an online meeting through the platform that is most convenient for the Client (Zoom, WhatsApp, etc.). Alternatively, the consultation may be carried out in writing via email, although the fees vary according to the complexity of the issues and the level of detail/analysis required by the Client.

Tax Consultation Fees

On-line meeting

EUR 125

Written Consultation

As from EUR 125

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Should you have any questions regarding the tax implications of living or investing in Portugal, please do not hesitate to book a Consultation with us. We have extensive experience in tax matters and will be happy to answer your questions.

Tax Consultation Appointment

Please fill in the form if you wish to book a tax consultation. Please note that our fees are subject to VAT at the legal rate (23%), when applicable. Please consult the conditions for contracting our services (here).

"Our aim is to clarify all your questions and ensure legal and fiscal procedures run smoothly for a pleasant stay in Portugal."

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