Tax residence certificate

On this page you will find information about the tax residence certificate. This certificate serves to prove to authorities and/or entities of other countries that the person is tax resident in Portugal.

We note that it is possible to obtain this certificate as from the first day you register as a tax resident in Portugal.

General considerations

The Tax residence certificate is a document issued by the Portuguese tax authorities certifying that the person is considered as tax resident in Portugal in a given fiscal year under the Portuguese tax law and, for the purposes of the application of double tax treaties entered into by Portugal.

In fact, in order to apply for this certificate, it is mandatory to identify an income earned abroad and to identify all relevant information on that income. If this identification is not carried out, it is not possible to obtain a tax residence certificate for the purposes of applying a double tax treaty.

It should be noted that since one has to identify an income that was obtained in that tax year (or an estimative of the income to be obtained in that certain year), the Tax Authorities will verify if the person has reported that income in his/her annual personal income tax return, so it is extremely important that the income identified corresponds to reality. As a general rule, when you are not sure how much income you will get during that tax year (since you can apply for the certificate as early as the first day of the tax year) it is advisable to identify an estimated amount at a low value in order to avoid inconsistencies with the reporting in the annual income tax return.

Certificates are issued for a given tax year, so you should apply for a new certificate of tax residence each year.

This certificate of tax residence can be obtained at your personal area of the Portuguese tax authorities’ website.


Firstly, in order to apply for a tax residence certificate you must obtain the password to access your personal area of the Portuguese tax authorities’ website. This access password can be requested electronically, which will be sent within 5 working days to your tax domicile registered in the Tax Authorities’ system (for example, if you are still registered as a non-tax resident, this password will be sent to your address abroad, or to the address of your Portuguese tax representative, if you have appointed one).

Alternatively, this password may be personally requested at a Tax Office, in which case you will obtain the password on the same day. If you would like our assistance with your password request at a Tax Office, you will need the following documents:

– Identification document (citizen card or passport);

– Portuguese tax number;

– Proxy to grant us powers to represent you before the Tax Authority.

To assist you in obtaining your tax residence certificate we will need the following information:

  1. identification of the entity paying the incomeName of paying authority
  • Paying authority address
  • Country where the income paying agency is considered resident
  1. Identification of income
  • Nature of income (interest, dividends, pension, etc.)
  • Estimated amount of income earned (or to be earned) in that tax year
  • Currency of income
  1. Fiscal year of the certificate
  2. Period of residence of the person in that tax year in Portugal – If you are not considered a tax resident in Portugal in that year between January 1st and December 31st, you must indicate the applicable period of residence. We note that in Portugal, it is possible to have partial residence in a given year and thus have both the status of resident and non-resident in the same tax year.

Our Fees

Fees are subject to VAT at the rate of 23% (due on the top of the fee amount). For more information on how to contract our services – here.


For the register on the Tax Authorities’ website and on-line request of a password

EUR 25


For the password request at the Tax Office

EUR 75


For the application for a tax residence certificate

150 Euros (if you need a certificate issued by the tax authorities of other country, our fees will be 250 Euros)

Time required to complete

The issue of the tax residence certificate may take up to 5 working days. However, the time taken may be longer if you wish to have the Portuguese tax authorities’ stamp on a form issued by the tax authorities of the other country.

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